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Love of a Mother

By : Nur Fiza

Our parents always wanted the best for us.. always pray for our happiness.. and always accept us for who we are.

this tears me out when I came across a video posted on Facebook. It's called, #NationalComingOutDay. Where child confessed the biggest thing in their life. about who they are. How they feel. and most scariest thing is to know how would their mom react to their confession.

Thing turns out to be..

" You're my child. I love u. Love ya till death okay?"

Yups, they are such a bless. Having a mother which is my heaven.. Love of a mother for her child is priceless gift and they will do anything just for their child. Because it is love.

I'm a bit emotional when it comes to family bonding. I'm sure everyone does.

But one thing came across my mind. Yes, they do accept us no matter how bad we are.. But what about our decision of becoming who we feel we are?

Mom always want us to do whatever thing that makes us happy, but what happiness we give back to them ?

I love you, Mom. Although I am the most problematic daughter in family.


Maturity is..?

By : Nur Fiza


U know bloggie, we meet different people in life. and they are very unique in their own way. 

Human. They are the most complicated creature ever existed. 

Heart. Unexpected, dangerous.

Mind. Craziest thing ever, yet can be trained. 

Sometimes I wonder, what really determines one's maturity of thinking. 

Can't really write because there's so much things in mind. 

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